A heartwarming call from God to his mission

By Cheuk Hei Ng

Throughout his 20-year career working within the Christian community, Sir Daryl Evans has been serving as a pastor helping people find their faith in Jesus.

Daryl says it was a call from God that made him leave his career as a primary school teacher in 1982.

“I decided to start my career as a pastor and work for the Christian community, I wanted to teach people about Jesus and make a difference,”

“It was the year of 1983 since I had started to work as a pastor, so it had been a total of 20 years till now,” says Daryl.

Throughout celebrations, weddings, dedicating newborn babies, or visiting patients in hospitals, Daryl is passionate in his work in terms of helping people find their faith in Jesus.

“The most amazing experiences throughout my career are seeing people making up their minds to believe in Jesus, accepting Jesus as their savior and follow him in life in order to learn from God,” says Daryl.

Daryl had worked in six churches throughout his career, and he strongly believed that God had helped him a lot and gave him a sense of wisdom that is incorporated into his work.

In terms of the struggles that Daryl had encountered, he thinks that although it was a challenge to work with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and sometimes encounter difficult individuals, he had learned to be patient, accepting, and tolerant in terms of loving and supporting people with kindness like Jesus.

“By believing in God and learning about God’s words from the bible, young people would be able to retrain themselves and avoid making bad choices. By following God sincerely, you would be able to gain strength from God and your life would make more sense in general. I believe that living a life with Jesus is considered the best life for people,” says Daryl.

Daryl strongly believed that people could really gain a sense of strength, direction and peace through their hardships in life by following Jesus.

“Life goes on. Allow Jesus into your life to lead you and you would really learn a lot. Please have faith in him. No matter what your choice is going to be as God gives people free will, God loves you no matter what,” Daryl smiles as he says.