About Us

Our Founder

Bev Wilkinson 

The Celebrate Living History program started with our founder’s desire to use her journalism skills gained from a university degree in 2012.

Bev created an exhibition celebrating the locals of Frankston, and discovered the wealth of knowledge and experience seniors in the local community held and were willing to share. This was the beginning of the Celebrate Living History internship program. Five years later she has successfully become the go-between for two very diverse generations. Young journalism students and seniors over the age of 60 to collect stories for the Celebrate Living History website.

She believes strongly in bringing people of different generations and backgrounds together supported through her work in both the aged and disability fields. Bev has spoken on a national and international level.

Just recently Bev Wilkinson has taken her passion for storytelling abroad, travelling to the United States as a public and motivational speaker.

She is excited to see the Celebrate Living History program expand to include entrepreneurs and more stories of seniors around the world.

Bev wants to encourage you, lovely reader, to take the time to talk to seniors and be involved in documenting the histories and the stories of seniors in your neighborhood!

If you are interested in hiring Bev as a speaker at your next corporate event send her an email at celebratelivinghistory@gmail.com


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