Age is just a number

By Rebecca Turner

MEET Dawn Hutchinson, she is a passionate, tech savvy senior that Australia needs to know about. At 87 years old, she never seems to slow down. Dawn is always moving from project to project, her passion being family trees and ancestry.

This passion began in Dawn as a young child when her maternal grandparent’s name sounded ‘fancy’ and thought they sounded important. In 1985, Dawn’s passion really kicked in as she began to ask her mother, sister, aunt everything they knew. At this time it was very little.

Photo provided by BBC UK

Photo provided by BBC UK

This lack of information from her family made Dawn start doing some digging herself to find out as much as she possibly could about those who shared the same bloodline as her.

“In 1986 I really began to research and over the years have traced the families of my four grandparents back to their homeland of England.” Dawn said.

Dawn has since traced their siblings and has written books on her four lines.

“They go back to the 1800s, one line back to the 1500s.” she said.

Dawn is not stopping any time soon as she shared her goal for the rest of 2014.

“To rewrite the chapter in my Reay Family Book as I have now found living descendants in Canada of my grandfather’s sister with whom he lost touch when he went to see as a 12 year old lad in 1874.” she said.

Unlike most people her age, Dawn doesn’t know where she would be without her computer.

“The more you find the more you want to find.” she said.

The tech savvy senior is a huge fan of researching because of how it keeps your mind active and makes you think outside the square.

Dawn is adamant that age is but a number and do not let it stop you.

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