The Best Senior in the world

By ILya Frankston High School

The best senior in the world is my gran. She’s the best gran and my guardian angel. She’s protected me and looked over me, since I was born. She’s the best soup cook and the best pastry maker, her food is to die for.

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By Skye Frankston High School

Jenny is 63 years old and is turning 64 on the 28th of September. Jenny is a great lady and I actually met through my neighbour, I am very lucky because I get to have dinner with her and then we play with my neighbours dogs and cats.

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My Grandfather Pete

By Nick S Frankston High School

This is about my grandfather Pete

What I like about him is he is very funny and friendly, we have many of the same interests like aircraft and history.

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By Jye Frankston High School

My senior is my Nona Govina Ripari, she has the biggest heart of gold. If you meet her all she would want to do is hug you and give you five year old chocolate. She has recently gone into hospital for a hip replacement, she is in rehabilitation now. Read more »

My Nana

By Emily B Frankston High School

My name is Emily  and my Nana is a very special woman to me. Her name is Evelyn Johnson. She is 71- years -old and is very active. She gardens her own garden, as well as others, house sits, farm sits, Unit-sits and looks after dogs and pets for all family and friends. Nana loves driving places and driving in general.

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