Inspirational People

Breaking the rules with Dr Penny Burns

To celebrate International Women’s Day we are shining the spotlight on senior trail blazers who are making the world brighter in their own way.  Read more »

Making the dream happen!

Our founder Bev just applied to be a speaker for the Generations United Conference in the United States next year.

The Generations United Conference is an opportunity for people from all around the world to share their wisdom on programs that focus on connecting young people with seniors.

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Stella Wilkie – 100 years and counting

By Kate Grant

Stella Wilkie was born on December 6, 1915 making her the grand age of 100, and only half way to 101.

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The Man That Never Quit.

By Michael Walecki

There is a man that was destined to make great changes in people’s lives. This man is someone who has seen it all. He has seen the world evolve from the simplest of times, into the big busy impatient world that we all live in today. Read more »

Khurram Jahangir Khan- Inspirational Young People Series

We have been on a quest to interview inspirational young people over the past few months. Third in our series is Khurram Jahangir Khan who is a 20-year-old student that loves to volunteer. He has recently won the New Resident Volunteer of the Year award all while juggling a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne. Read more »

Education is number one

By Margie Agoth

I remember the day I met Achati Ojulo Okuot, it was a cold and windy Thursday evening and I was walking home from the bus stop. I was still new to the Gold Coast as it was my first semester of university and living away from home. Read more »

Follow your heart it might take you places

By Bev Wilkinson Founder of Celebrate Living History

You know when your too excited to sleep? Well that’s how I felt when I attended the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism workshop in Melbourne. Read more »


By Liam Frankston High School

My senior’s name is Meryl. She is very supportive, she attends my acting performances.

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By Hana.K Frankston High School

My grandmother is an amazing woman and an inspirational person to me. Her name is Anka Kurbalija.

She is 73 years old but she still cleans the house like it’s no big deal. She still walks just for pleasure, not because she has to. She always gives me her words of wisdom that I listen to over and over again. She is the same hard working woman that she was 50 years ago.

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Fighting Spirit

By Bev Wilkinson

Some would say from a young age Val French was destined for a life full of excitement and fighting spirit.

As a little girl, Val was raised in three different mental intuitions, inspired by her parents desire to change the world in their own way. Read more »