By Jye Frankston High School

My senior is my Nona Govina Ripari, she has the biggest heart of gold. If you meet her all she would want to do is hug you and give you five year old chocolate. She has recently gone into hospital for a hip replacement, she is in rehabilitation now. Read more »

My Nana

By Emily B Frankston High School

My name is Emily  and my Nana is a very special woman to me. Her name is Evelyn Johnson. She is 71- years -old and is very active. She gardens her own garden, as well as others, house sits, farm sits, Unit-sits and looks after dogs and pets for all family and friends. Nana loves driving places and driving in general.

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It Started With a Dance

By Elise Cook

When Bob asked 16 year-old Ineke to dance at a social ball, neither of them realised that nearly fifty years later, they would still be dancing together at their children’s, and their grandchildren’s, parties.

Bob was 24. He and his friends would finish footy practice, put on their best suits, sneak a bit of alcohol in their Coca-Cola bottles, and go to the social dance nights in the hope of “meeting people”, or rather, meeting girls. Ineke and her friends would do the same, putting on long dresses and gloves. “That’s what young people used to do for fun,” Ineke says, “Everyone would just dance. There was no alcohol, unless you snuck it in like Bob.” Read more »

Marie Davis

By Chris Paduano

Marie met her husband Roger in 1967 while living at the Victorian Bureau of Epilepsy (now the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria). She lived there with five other girls, all sufferers of epilepsy who had chosen to move to Melbourne from the country. They met because Roger, a sufferer of severe epilepsy, would wait for his mother to drive him home after work. His mother had been responsible for starting the foundation because she felt that the help offered to epilepsy sufferers, including her son, was inadequate. Marie and Roger were engaged in 1968 and married later that year. Sadly, Roger passed away last year after a short battle with cancer. Read more »

A Blind Date Led to a Lifetime of Love

By Elise Cook

At 15, Doreen had never had a boyfriend, but when her friend Diane was asked on a date, she begged Doreen to come along so she wouldn’t have to go alone. Diane’s date, Ray, also brought a friend, and that was how Doreen met Brian. When she saw him she was immediately struck by his tall, handsome build and wavy dark hair. Brian was about to turn 20 and hadn’t intended on falling in love just yet, but he too was captivated. He remembers being taken aback by the beauty of petite Doreen, and being impressed by her maturity. The two instantly felt comfortable together, and from that point on became inseparable. Read more »

Rai and Bimla

By Elise Cook

Rai and Bimla have had a long, successful marriage, raising a family of three sons in Australia, and describe themselves as being more in love than ever. Their story of commitment, hard work, and a growing love, is inspiring. They believe their forty years of marriage, which is intact and still growing, is a testament to the fact that if you stick together in difficult times, you can grow to enjoy life together in old age. In fact, Rai says that love came into their relationship long after the wedding. Read more »

Lance and Billy

By Elise Cook

Lance was a young, handsome policeman who moved to Gladstone during wartime in Australia. Arriving with his good looks, a flashy car and a big dog by his side, he made an immediate impression on the women in Gladstone. However, Lance quickly decided there was only one person he was interested in; a local girl who preferred to be known as Billy. Read more »

67 years old French love story

By Marine Pintena

My friend’s grandparents celebrated their 65th anniversary while we were in Australia. She was really sad not to be with them for this important date. So that day, she decided to share with me their love story. It was her way to celebrate it.

She told me that when she was sleeping at her grandparents she would always ask her grandpa Matteo to tell her this story. He would tuck her in the bed, shut the blinds and sit next to her. “Once upon a time, in the town of Nice, took place a ball…” this is how the story would always start, as a fairy tale. It was actually Lorene’s favourite. She loved the passion Matteo would put in the story, and all the details he included. Details make stories more real. So real that she could here the music, and see the skirts dancing.

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