Traditional Culture

The Unseen beauty of Fifteen Wives

by Nyakan Manynag Agoth

 Life in The Village

“I am the seventh wife out of my husband’s fifteen wives and I couldn’t be any prouder”- Adual Jang Arok Read more »

Immigration Story – My Nonno

By Caitlin Matticoli, Swinburne University

I want to tell a story about my nonno Dante but all the Aussies called him Danny. He was a proud man; big, loud and full of life, your typical expressive Italian. The only thing he loved more than food was red wine – and of course his family. Read more »


By Roo Frankston High School

My senior is my grandmother, but I call her Gogo. She lives in Zimbabwe, Africa. Read more »

My Grandma Ayee

By Esther Frankston High School

My Grandma is very important to me because she is the only grandma I have that is alive. She means so much to me. She inspires me to do good things to the world by helping other people. Her name is Jessie Pauline Mithra. I love her very much. She is my mums mum. She has three daughters and my mum is the eldest. My grandma is married to a wonderful man named Kolanoor Sathya Mithra. She has 8 grandchildren and 1 on the way. My grandma was born in Kollegal, India.

Read more »