Chatting with Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett is in love with a town full of fresh air, the sea and a great atmosphere. Since he was a child Michael has been visiting Frankston on the way to holidays at Rosebud.

Michael and Angela Barrett

“We used to have holidays down at Rosebud we used to drive down to Frankston when I was kid in the 1950s we used to stop over at a cake shop down in Frankston now where the toilets are near the station,” he says

In his later years Michael decided to move to Frankston in 1968 and build his own house. “At that time Quayside wasn’t there it was an open paddock, there was a big shed with an engineering place,” he says.

One of the most exiting times in Frankston was when his wife Angela took his son Danny to see the Olympic torch. “Danny was only five or six looking at the flames go past was pretty exciting,” he says.

Michael says values have changed drastically over time.

“People are less likely to react now than they used to back then they were much more caring, when they had Neighborhood Watch people you knew people were looking out for your house,” he says

“But now there is not enough money so it has stopped, especially now there is a lot of rental areas, so there not going to worry that there house is broken in, its friendly but its not as friendly as it used to be.”