Chatting with William Buckland

William Buckland is the real estate king with a passion for the sea flowing through his veins he chats about family in Frankston and holidays as a child. Despite his many achievements there will always be a soft spot for the town full of history and of course beach side culture.

William Buckland in 2012

One of William’s fondest memories is coming down to Frankston as a child.

“I have been coming down for a long time, we would go swim on the beach my grandfather had a small beach home and they would come over and sit on the beach on their deck chairs,” he says.

“As a little boy we would go down to the beach enjoy meals at the Fernery very simple also we would go into Frankston and see the shops.”

William recalls the time his father narrowly escaped yacht The Isis before it crashed on the Mornington Peninsula.

“One of these times we stayed at the Fernery, my father a keen yachtsman bought an old Halifax from Adelaide he only had it for a few weeks,” he says “He was a member of the Williamstown Yacht Club and decided to come down on that boat to Frankston anchor it down on the beach to enjoy the festive season,”

“Around 10 in the morning a terrible storm came up and he said it was like blocks of ice and unfortunately they could not start the motor, and the anchor dragged until they hit the bottom making the boat turn over,”

“Three of them were saved, it was a stormy night and all the parts that made up the Isis were strewn along the beach.”

“I remember coming down I was three or four and seeing it its well known today, the wreck is still exposed at low tide today and divers do dive around there.”

It feels like just yesterday when movie stars Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner visited his old home Glen Shian one of Victoria’s oldest beachside mansions.

“I must say it caused a great stir there was hundreds of people watching from the hills, because what they did they had to put a line of rope around to keep the people back while the film was being made, it was one of the great interests we had on the Mornington Peninsula,” he says.

If William could give advice to his younger self he would say I have made many mistakes in life it’s a learning curve, honesty is paramount if I could have I would have got myself more established before staring a family quite so early.