For the love of Travel

By Ryan Hoy

From England to Australia, Diane Sadler has never been afraid of the travelling life. Diane was born in Enfield, a borough in North London, and while she did enjoy life in England, it wasn’t to be, as there were Sunny Coasts on her horizon.


Ryan with Diane

After working through her schooling years in Edmonton and being sent to Arsenal to learn to touch type (a very impressive skill might I add), she eventually met Les Hoy who she would go on to have two sons with. Diane knew Les from school but had never thought of anything serious between the two. One evening she went with her mother to a dance at the local church hall, and while stereotypically the boys and girls sat on separate sides of the hall, Les asked Diane to dance, and the rest is history.

Both her sons Graeme and Mark were born in Enfield, but their young lives in England weren’t to be, as shortly after, Diane and Les told the family they wanted to move to Australia. While hesitant at first, the rest of the family decided to join them. Diane jokingly suggests that the family narrowed the decision down to surviving the cold winters in England by purchasing a central heating system for the house, or buying a 10 pound ticket to Australia.

While this trip for Diane would inevitably change her life, it would also give her the opportunity to follow one of her favorite passions when she was younger, music. The trip to Australia took the family all around the world. From England to Egypt to Australia, this life changing cruise was too good to be true for Diane, and with a new found love for cruise liners, she began a career of singing, dancing, and performing on cruise liners around the world.

Fremantle was the first glimpse of Australia Diane had, and while many of the cruise passengers were to get off the boat here, Diane’s family was to continue around the South of Australia until they got to Sydney. This is where the majority of the family would stay until this very day. Diane fell in love with Sydney, and while her marriage to Les wouldn’t last, she also found love in an amazing man named Doug Sadler. Diane met Doug through her Sister Beth and Beth’s husband Harry. Harry and Doug had grown up together in Colchester and through their friendship the loving marriage of Doug and Diane occurred. Doug and Diane continued to have a loving marriage in Sydney while her youngest son Mark moved to far North Coast New South Wales with his family. With Beth and Harry in Brisbane, Diane and Doug still maintained a strong connection to all their family members despite the distance.

Diane and Doug shared a passion for cruise ships, and continued travelling all around the world together on magnificent cruises. Sadly, Doug battled many health complications throughout the latter stages of his life, and tragically passed away much to the sadness of Diane and his loving family. Another one of life’s tragedies was to follow for Diane, as her much loved sister Beth also passed away soon after due to health complications. It was a very hard time for Diane and her family, as when a family has so much love for its members, it’s so hard to imagine them finally passing.

Although this period was a hard time for Diane and the family, it would not stop her from her love of cruising. She could find solace in the adventure of travelling around and has continued to cruise to as far as Canada, with a New Zealand cruise on the way. She has moved to Kingscliff in Far North Coast New South Wales to be closer to her son Mark, even managing to find a house two doors down from him. It’s a big change to the hustle and bustle of outer Sydney suburbs, but due to the adventurous nature of Diane Sadler there’s no doubt she’s ready for whatever comes her way.