Living the creative Life with Robert

Griffith University intern Andrejs Boboks is embarking on a documentary series covering the community of Brisbane in Queensland.

In this documentary, Robert chats to Andrejs about his life experience. Robert provides counselling and mental health support in Brisbane. Some of Robert’s favourite hobbies include painting, creating art, making guitars and playing classical guitar music.

Robert studied in Melbourne and Brisbane. After moving from Melbourne to Brisbane he studies at the Queensland College of Art and decides to be a psychologist. Robert says his advice to younger generations is if you are going to live a creative and fulfilling life, doing something about mindful awareness is an excellent thing to do.

“It helps you to stay sane, stay in the present and helps you to awake to your life and nature, what it really is about” he says

“That helps you to create some sort of foundation.”

In addition Robert says to play it cool and live your life as it comes to you.

“Deal with your ups and downs and create what you want to do with your life with passion and with rational sensibility.”

Directed by Andrejs Boboks
Filmed on location Moorooka, Brisbane, QLD
02 December 2015