Meet Isabella Neal our student intern from Griffith University!

What attracts you about being an intern at Celebrate Living History?

I love learning about other people’s stories, backgrounds and what makes them, them. I love meeting people who are willing to share their stories and explain them in a way that makes me feel like I’m right there with them on their journey. I also love reading and hearing about old love stories, and the typical “back in my day…” narratives full of heart and nostalgia. I like that Celebrate Living History approaches these topics with good intentions and love. It’s lovely to read heartwarming stories every now and again, instead of hearing bad news on the TV and in the newspapers everyday. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Who is an older person that you admire and why?

I admire my Nanna, Zillah, who has lead a full life. Taking care of her five young daughters since the early 1950s, two of which were severely handicapped. Nanna has faced a tough life, which of course hasn’t been at all easy. She is a selfless lady, who always puts her family before herself (even if she is ailing with her own health), and has been a tower of strength for each member of my family. Nanna is the matriarch of this family, and her strength has been passed down through every woman in the family, myself included. Her strong Christian faith and spirit never ceases to amaze me, and I will always be grateful for everything she has taught me.

If you could jump into a time machine what era would you visit and why?

I would jump in and visit the 1960s, as there is so much culture I’d love to be a part of. Motown and other 60’s music is another plus for me – there is something so indescribable about the way that music is so clean, relatable and honest. My family have a long history with music, 60’s music especially, so being a part of something so pure would be beautiful for me. Some of history’s best stories of hope and equality came from the 1960s, so to go back and be a part of that would be amazing. The 60s is by far the best era, so I’d be grateful if I got the chance to experience some of the things people from that decade did. This particular decade is special to me, because of my parents, and their lives.