Meet our latest intern Cheuk Hei Ng!

We meet Cheuk Hei Ng our latest intern from Griffith University.

What attracts you about being an intern for Celebrate Living History?

The reason that attracts me about being an intern for Celebrate Living History is that I really want to know more about the stories and insights gained from the seniors throughout their life experiences.

One of the aim and mission of Celebrate Living History is to connect younger generations with older generations through the work of journalism, which through conducting interviews and documenting the stories from seniors.

I would not only be able to gain working experiences in terms of journalism and writing skills, but also gaining some life experiences and wisdom from investigating and listening to older people’s life stories, discovering their perspective on life and advice to younger people in terms of how to live their life filled with purpose and meaning. I feel like I really could learn a lot from this internship. 

Who is an older person that you admire and why?
The older person that I admire is my grandfather. Although he had passed away early this year, I would never forget him as part of our family.

My grandfather was a wise old man who had lived his life filled with a lot of different experiences and memories. He had witnessed the Second World war, and he had talked about his experiences and insights on life gained from his life experiences, no matter the experience was considered good or bad, he had learnt a lot.

I admire him because my grandfather never stops learning in life and from history. Although he may not be the most outspoken man throughout his life, but he was a man full of wisdom. He was also a loyal husband to my grandmother.

Although my grandmother had passed away long time ago, he still puts the photo of her in front of his desk as a beloved memory. He loved my grandmother so much when she was still alive and even after she had passed away. I really admire my grandfather and he will always be remained in my beloved memory. 

If you could jump into a time machine, what era would you visit and why?
If I could jump into a time machine, I really want to visit Ancient Greek as I know that it was time when a lot of science, philosophy and academics were created. I really want to talk to philosophers from Ancient Greek, like Zeno of Citium in Athens in the early 3rd century BCE as I was really interested the philosophy of “stoicism”. 

Stoicism refers to the philosophy of maximizing positive emotions in someone’s life instead of negative emotions. I really wanted to learn more about this idea as I think it would really help me live a happy and fulfilling life in terms of having a different perspective on life through the glance of philosophy.