Meet our new intern Feng Deng from Griffith University

We meet Feng Deng our newest intern from Griffith University in Brisbane. 

What attracts you about being an intern at Celebrate Living History? I am not a journalism student but Bev’s program inspired me and makes me remember who we are today. Without senior’s experience and what they have done for us. We cannot make this world better. Being an intern at celebrate living history you can read a lot of different stories from our seniors from locally or internationally. And of course, the flexible hours that we can work on the projects any time anywhere.

Who is an older person that you admire and why?

That person is my step-grandpa, I have never seen my grandpa because he passed away since my father was 8. My step-grandpa treated the family very well and he never give up on me and always encourage me to do whatever I dream about. He taught me to be a better person and gave me a lot of life experience that I would never learnt from the school.

If you could jump into a time machine what era would you visit and why?

I have never thought about this questions before but If I can travel back in time I would definitely go back to when I was 6 which the time I had chances and opportunities to be an actor and learn piano. But I was way too shy and I cried on the stage. If I ever can go back I think I would choose different path of my life and do something different and see what will happen after 10 years.