Meet Paris she co-funded a mental health charity.

It all started with a goal to chat to entrepreneurs over 60. Then out of curiosity we decided to chat to entrepreneurs under 30. We believe these two very vast generations can learn and grow from each other. 

This week we head to Sydney Australia to interview Paris Jeffcoat who co-founded mental health charity One Eighty Avalon. 

Can you tell us a little about your business and what you do?

I am one of the co-founders of a youth mental health charity based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches called One Eighty Avalon ( One Eighty is youth mental health done differently. We’re approaching the issue from a young persons perspective, which is really unique, and allows us to best engage with the people we are trying to help. The other managers of the charity and I (most of whom are under 30) develop and facilitate a range of community events, we liaise with other community groups and mental health services in the area, and we also work on awareness campaigns, creating content for the website and social media.

What motivated you to start your own business?

The lacking visibility and accessibility of youth mental health services in our area, the anger at losing too many friends to mental illness, and the poor representation of young people in the development and implementation of mental health care services.

What were some of the struggles you faced when you first started?

A lot of admin, registering as a charity etc., as well as gaining the trust and respect of the older, and sometimes more (technically) qualified people who have been crucial to the set up and running of the charity.

Paris with her team

What do you like most about having your own business?

It is really important to us that youth mental health care services are developed and implemented with the input of young people – what’s the point otherwise? Giving young people control over our programs, our image, and the way we engage directly with young people is our biggest asset as a charity.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just do it.

Who is an older person that you admire and why?

Leandra Medine Cohen for her honesty, humour, intelligence, and style.

If you could jump into a time machine what era would you visit and why?

Kind of happy being right here, right now to be honest.