My Grandma Ayee

By Esther Frankston High School

My Grandma is very important to me because she is the only grandma I have that is alive. She means so much to me. She inspires me to do good things to the world by helping other people. Her name is Jessie Pauline Mithra. I love her very much. She is my mums mum. She has three daughters and my mum is the eldest. My grandma is married to a wonderful man named Kolanoor Sathya Mithra. She has 8 grandchildren and 1 on the way. My grandma was born in Kollegal, India.

I call my grandma ‘Ayee’. I love my grandma because she is nice to me, she supports me with everything I do, she tells me what is wrong or right and she loves me so much. She gives me good advice and helps grow into a strong, kind, young lady. Going to my grandma’s house is so much fun. She lets us eat anything we want and watch lots of movies and TV shows. My grandma is spectacular.

I am the oldest grandchild out of all of them. In India children normally call their grandma’s ‘Ajji’. When I was little I couldn’t say ‘Ajji’ so instead I would call my grandma ‘Ayee’. From then onwards all the grandchildren call her ‘Ayee’ and it just stuck.

My grandma is very adventurous. She has lived in lots of places. She was born in India. When she was 29 she and her family moved to Papua New Guinea because her husband (my grandpa) had got a job there. They had never heard of Papua New Guinea before and they had no family there but they moved there anyway. They stayed in Papua New Guinea for 8 ¬¬½ years. They then moved to Australia because she had a brother and sister there. From that day onwards they have lived in Australia.