My Nana

By Emily B Frankston High School

My name is Emily  and my Nana is a very special woman to me. Her name is Evelyn Johnson. She is 71- years -old and is very active. She gardens her own garden, as well as others, house sits, farm sits, Unit-sits and looks after dogs and pets for all family and friends. Nana loves driving places and driving in general.

I LOVE spending time with her and going on holidays with her. The best holiday I have spent with her is going up to Bright. It is a four hour drive, so Nana loves that. We farm-sit and unit-sit there.


Nana loves helping people and I love helping her. She is a very important person to me. She teaches me good lessons and won’t let anyone or anything hurt us (My two sisters and one Brother). Nana enjoys spending time with us and we enjoy spending time with her. She helps me with school projects and shares my interests. I love cooking and some weekends I will get a phone call from her asking if I would like to go to her house and cook with her or sew or do something that we both like doing.


I would like to win this competition because I love helping people and helping people makes me feel good about myself because everyone is important and everyone deserves be helped and everyone loves to have someone care about them. THAT IS WHY I WOULD LIKE TO GO SPEND AN AFTERNOON WITH THE SENIORS!! Thank You!! From Emily!!