“Bev was a tremendous addition 2017 Global Intergenerational Conference, representing Australia as an engaged participant and valuable speaker. Through various presentations, she provided meaningful insight on the power of intergenerational connections to our colleagues from around the world.”

Emily Patrick Generations United Senior Manager (2017)

It gives me great pleasure to support Bev Wilkinson’s application for a Churchill Scholarship.

I have known Bev since she was a student at Griffith University and I have been very supportive of her community history project, supplying internship students who learn so much from Bev about researching and writing.

Every year I talk to final year students abut their ability to affect the world by starting up their own enterprise, utilising available technology and creating the future. Bev is one of the relatively few students who have taken my advice and she is certainly the most successful in making a community based initiative work.

I have followed her project from the outset and have been amazed how determined and successful she has been in doing something obvious – connecting young journalism students with old people with stories. Everyone learns something, everyone’s effort is validated and the result is an ongoing community resource. The project is a low-cost solution to the lack of inter-generational communication and Bev has done a great job in holding it together with a strong vision and a flexible approach.

Bev is clearly an agent for change and a very productive community entrepreneur. She will benefit greatly from a Churchill Fellowship, gaining new ideas and spreading the benefits of her own project but the real winner will be the Australian community as Bev refines her project and finds new dimensions in which to expand.

Professor Stephen Stockwell Griffith University Gold Coast (Grant application reference 2016) 

I write to recommend Bev Wilkinson for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

I have known Bev for approximately five years as part of our collaborative work to link university students with seniors in their local community.

Bev first approached me in my capacity as the internship co-ordinator for the Media and Communications department, suggesting that her not- for-profit organisation may provide some mentoring experiences for budding media professionals at Swinburne. Bev had, of her own initiative begun the not for profit start -up called ‘Celebrate Living History’ , an organisation dedicated to documenting the lives of seniors in local communities and emphasising the benefits of positive aging stories. As I had long been aware of the psychological benefits of ‘narrative therapy’, I immediately agreed to help Bev to find media students to tell seniors’ stories.

Working with Bev, I was struck by her enthusiasm for the project, her professionalism and dedicating to both mentoring the university students that joined the project and ensuring successful outcomes for the seniors profiled as part of the project. Bev often sacrificed her own personal funding, capacity to work and her personal life to ensure the smooth running of the organisations and to pursue initiatives and opportunities that she believed would benefit the senior community. Importantly, Bev understood that the commitment to this process was also an important contribution to her profession of journalism by linking social advocacy and change to the reporting of news and community stories.

Bev would benefit immensely from the opportunities provided by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to be able to take Celebrate Living History from a single project to a larger strategy to combat social isolation in seniors by connecting with a range of community groups, organisations and individuals that can mentor her or provide opportunities to further her project.

Dr Diana Bossio Swinburne University Program Director for the Postgraduate program in Media and Communication (Grant application reference 2016) 

It is a great pleasure to support Bev Wilkinson’s application for a Churchill Scholarship. I had a chance to meet Bev via skype a couple of months ago and visit the project web site ‘Connecting students and seniors to celebrate stories for future generations’.

It is remarkable the work that Bev has done and is planning to achieve with this new proposal.

Bev and I share a common interest and expertise in connecting young and older people to enhance intergenerational interactions and learning opportunities for both of them.

It is through such initiatives that we can break up stereotypes and take action to reduce ageism. I’m confident that Bev’s new project will benefit the wider community.

Associate Professor Marisa- Cordella-Masini UQ Director of Studies in the School of Languages and Cultures.(Grant application reference 2016) 

Bev, as President of Frankston U3A (University of the 3rd Age) with over 750 Members.

I would like to congratulate you on achieving something that has not been successfully done before.

I was delighted In what you did with my life story. I was thrilled with the result of the exhibition and information that you had garnered from so many older Frankstonians.

The look of surprise and smiles when a long forgotten friend or relative was featured, was a credit to you.

I only hope that you can continue to expand your “Celebrate Living History of Frankston”. For my generation which is dying out, it is important for future generations to know who they are and where they came from.

They in turn will be proud of their contribution to Frankston.

I wish you every success and at your young age to succeed in your interesting venture.

Gail Dudeck Celebrate Living History Participant (2012)

I am writing to state that I have recently undertaken an internship with Bev Wilkinson and her company Celebrate Living History. As Bev’s first intern, I am pleased to say that I was able to be a part of expanding Celebrate Living History and assisting her in her preparations for the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition. Bev is a kind and genuine person, with big dreams for the future of her company and high respect for the history of her community.

The past three months of my internship have gone by very quickly and working closely with Bev has given me many insights not just into the world of real- life journalism but also into her ideals for the need to preserve and celebrate the stories of everyday citizens.

Bev has worked tirelessly around the clock, making sure every aspect of the exhibition was well planned, ensuring its perfect execution. As the opening day of her exhibition recently came to a close, rather than taking time to rest, Bev immediately commenced brainstorming and planning to continue expanding the possibilities of the Celebrate Living History exhibition.

I believe in her and her dreams and would fully recommend her to your committee as an avid dreamer and social historian.


Helana Tulloch Griffith University intern (2012)