Singing Duo with a whole LOTTA heart

By Bev Wilkinson

The simple passion for singing and making people happy is what makes this duo shine.

Gold Coast retirees Marina and Bram Nicolson have many achievements to their name including being featured on Australia’s Got Talent.

However when they perform together as Double the Fun, their audiences at nursing homes and respite centers stand out as one of their favorites.

doublefun2Bram says the residents that stand out are the ones in the dementia unit.

“ These are people who don’t know who they are, half the time they can hardly talk,” he says.

“ We say righto we are going to sing some songs and the next thing you know they are singing the songs better than you do,”

“They get really involved singing along and just having a good time.”

Marina and Bram first met over a home cooked dinner in 1989, and since then they have been together for 26 years.

Bram says it all started when he was on a mission to find a date for the staff Christmas party.

“My friend said my girlfriend has a friend who has a friend who is pretty good looking and I said why don’t you organise a meal at your place, I’ll come down and cook,” he days

“At least she will know me when I ask her to go to the function, he said yeah that would be all right,”

“We did and have not been separated since that day.”

Bram says the secret to a long marriage is to enjoy each other’s company.

“We don’t have high expectations, do we have arguments Yes, what over music but that’s about the only argument we have, about who is singing what song why she should sing and why I should not,” he says

“A little bit of give and take. It is good to have family and friends around you the main thing is if you give, what ever you give you will gain back two fold. “

If Bram could give any advice to the younger generation it would be not to set your expectations too high.

“Enjoy life as you have it be thankful for what you have got, love what you have not want you want,” he says.