The Interesting Life of Hilda Fletcher

By Talitha Organ-Fletcher

Part 1 – Growing Up

January 29 1921, Edwin and Emelia Phillips welcomed another baby girl in their family but at the time, no one had any idea of the extraordinary life that she would go on to lead. She would travel the world, join the army, emigrate halfway across the globe and survive a direct bombing by German forces in the second world war. At 97, Hilda May Fletcher, has seen and experienced enough love, loss and adventure for two lifetimes but finds herself with a wonderful legacy and one incredible life story. Read more »

John ‘Jack’ McMullen

By Caitlin McMullen

John ‘Jack’ McMullen was a man of strength and toughness, he joined the Royal Australian Navy in his early 20’s as an engineer. As my great grandmother Margret used to say ‘Jack was straight forward, what you saw was what you got’. Read more »

Age is just a number

By Rebecca Turner

MEET Dawn Hutchinson, she is a passionate, tech savvy senior that Australia needs to know about. At 87 years old, she never seems to slow down. Dawn is always moving from project to project, her passion being family trees and ancestry.

Read more »