Talking with Bill Underwood and Alan Ross

Bill Underwood and Alan Ross met as bubs and are still best friends today with other sixty years of antics they have quite a few yarns to share! Read more »

Chatting with Allan and Dorothy Johns

Allan and Dorothy Johns first bonded together as locals on the Mechanics Hall dance floor. Both share a love of ballroom dancing and were never far apart even as children. Read more »

Chatting with retired district nurse Marita Lukies

Our founder Bev chats to Marita Lukies who is a retired community health care nurse.  Read more »

Chatting with William Buckland

William Buckland is the real estate king with a passion for the sea flowing through his veins he chats about family in Frankston and holidays as a child. Despite his many achievements there will always be a soft spot for the town full of history and of course beach side culture. Read more »

Chatting with Lorraine and Ken Holt

Ken and Lorraine Holt are eager to stories that will make you laugh, cry and have a gander for more! Read more »

Chatting with Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett is in love with a town full of fresh air, the sea and a great atmosphere. Since he was a child Michael has been visiting Frankston on the way to holidays at Rosebud. Read more »

Chatting with David Jensz

David Jensz remembers fondly the days when he was the youngest teacher at Frankston High School in the 1960s. With a big smile David recalls Frankston High School as being a very wonderful place to teach chemistry, math and science. Read more »

Chatting with Georgia Anderson who reunites Frankston High School Students

Georgia Anderson is the mastermind behind the successful organisation of Frankston High School alum in both Victoria and Queensland. Read more »

Chatting with John Fourte

Having a chat with John Fourte at the Frankston High School Reunion held at New Farm Park Brisbane on Saturday 29 July 2012.  Read more »

Chatting with Glenda Vineer

Glenda Vineer is passionate about history and is president of the Frankston Historical Society. Read more »