Meeting the nonnas from Enoteca Maria New York

Our founder Bev Wilkinson visited the nonnas from Enoteca Maria in Straten Island New York. Enoteca Maria hires Grandmas from around the world as chefs.

She discovered a wealth of advice and traditional cooking tips. Bellissimo! Read more »

Dotti’s cookies

By Caitlin McMullen Edited by Jake Watson

Dotti is a 92 year-old woman who loves to cook sweet treats. For the past two years she has been coming into my workplace every Saturday, making me try some of her inventions or her traditional recipes, which have been passed on for generations. Some of these recipes shared have been within her family for 70 years. Read more »


By Roo Frankston High School

My senior is my grandmother, but I call her Gogo. She lives in Zimbabwe, Africa. Read more »

The Best Senior in the world

By ILya Frankston High School

The best senior in the world is my gran. She’s the best gran and my guardian angel. She’s protected me and looked over me, since I was born. She’s the best soup cook and the best pastry maker, her food is to die for.

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By Hana.K Frankston High School

My grandmother is an amazing woman and an inspirational person to me. Her name is Anka Kurbalija.

She is 73 years old but she still cleans the house like it’s no big deal. She still walks just for pleasure, not because she has to. She always gives me her words of wisdom that I listen to over and over again. She is the same hard working woman that she was 50 years ago.

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