The Interesting Life of Hilda Fletcher

By Talitha Organ-Fletcher

Part 1 – Growing Up

January 29 1921, Edwin and Emelia Phillips welcomed another baby girl in their family but at the time, no one had any idea of the extraordinary life that she would go on to lead. She would travel the world, join the army, emigrate halfway across the globe and survive a direct bombing by German forces in the second world war. At 97, Hilda May Fletcher, has seen and experienced enough love, loss and adventure for two lifetimes but finds herself with a wonderful legacy and one incredible life story. Read more »

Home is Where the Heart Is

By Isabella Neal

Crystal clear beaches, white sand between toes and a relaxed, homely feeling is what Tugun and Currumbin is all about. Many people say they are hit with a wave of nostalgia and flooding memories when going back to a place they love and for a long time I didn’t believe that feeling was possible… Read more »

Meet Irene and Ian who offer peace of mind.

We are on the quest to interview business owners over the age of 60. This week we visit the Gold Coast in Australia and  chat with Irene Manson who with her partner Ian founded Care Calling Now which is a daily service offering automated calls for seniors and people of all ages who are vulnerable.  Read more »

Discovering retire bizzie owners around Australia

Today we chat to co-author Jill Weeks who has written Retire Bizzi as a result of travelling around Australia interviewing retirees who are running profitable hobbies or small businesses. Read more »

Meet Richard Kuipers the man with many hats

We are on the quest to interview business owners over the age of 60.  This week we chat to Richard Kuipers who is founder and director of Two Men and a Truck one of Australia’s largest home removals and office relocation businesses.  Read more »

Talking with Bill Underwood and Alan Ross

Bill Underwood and Alan Ross met as bubs and are still best friends today with other sixty years of antics they have quite a few yarns to share! Read more »

Chatting with Allan and Dorothy Johns

Allan and Dorothy Johns first bonded together as locals on the Mechanics Hall dance floor. Both share a love of ballroom dancing and were never far apart even as children. Read more »

Chatting with William Buckland

William Buckland is the real estate king with a passion for the sea flowing through his veins he chats about family in Frankston and holidays as a child. Despite his many achievements there will always be a soft spot for the town full of history and of course beach side culture. Read more »

Chatting with Lorraine and Ken Holt

Ken and Lorraine Holt are eager to stories that will make you laugh, cry and have a gander for more! Read more »

Immigration Story – My Nonno

By Caitlin Matticoli, Swinburne University

I want to tell a story about my nonno Dante but all the Aussies called him Danny. He was a proud man; big, loud and full of life, your typical expressive Italian. The only thing he loved more than food was red wine – and of course his family. Read more »