Meet our new intern Feng Deng from Griffith University

We meet Feng Deng our newest intern from Griffith University in Brisbane.  Read more »

Meet Isabella Neal our student intern from Griffith University!

What attracts you about being an intern at Celebrate Living History? Read more »

The world of adulthood: then and now

By Bridgette Ali

The world of adulthood is a serious adjustment, especially for someone like me, who has never truly been independent. Read more »

Meet Bridgette our newest intern!

Howdy folks! Meet Bridgette Ali our newest intern from Griffith University in Brisbane Australia! Read more »

Meet Ryan our newest intern!

Meet Ryan our latest intern from Griffith University in Brisbane. Read more »

Meet our 2016 interns

Meet Kate our public relations intern from Griffith University. She answered a few questions about her internship with Celebrate Living History. Read more »

Meet our 2016 interns!

Meet Madison White who is our journalism intern from Griffith University on the Gold Coast.
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Tell me a story……

Once Upon a Time in a small town, a young girl called Elsa was listening to a story told by a senior called Dorothy. Read more »

Follow your heart it might take you places

By Bev Wilkinson Founder of Celebrate Living History

You know when your too excited to sleep? Well that’s how I felt when I attended the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism workshop in Melbourne. Read more »

Our first student intern newsletter by the talented Trine Tessem Morkeset

Our very talented Griffith University intern Trine Tessem Morkeset created the first Celebrate Living History intern newsletter.

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