By Logan J. Farrell

Inclement weather wreaked havoc with the tables outside the café in Main Street Mornington but it did little to dampen the enthusiasm of Ian Morrison. Rugged up against the elements he strode into our meeting with a swag of assorted hats slung over his shoulder and proceeded to ask me what I thought of his two dollar boots, his one dollar jeans and his four dollar beret. ‘I’ve been to the Op-Shop’ he said, lamenting the expense of the beret. Nonetheless he reflected that he ‘just had to have it’; it seems that Ian and hats fit well together. He went on to suggest he may write a book about the merits of Op-shopping and how to survive on a pension. I got the distinct impression that this irrepressible senior would somehow find the time to fit that into his agenda. Read more »

A Grand Character Performance

By Logan J. Farrell

Val Hardie knows better than most what it is like to have a bit of drama in life. Val’s connection with the performing arts on the Mornington Peninsula, both in adult and youth theatre companies, spans more than forty years, and still counting; however the dramas she has faced have not always been limited to the stage. Theatre is only one of many roles she has assumed with her trademark humour, determination and endless energy; this intrepid thespian is one of those ‘behind the scenes’ stalwarts that are the heartbeat of a community.

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