Breaking the rules with Dr Penny Burns

To celebrate International Women’s Day we are shining the spotlight on senior trail blazers who are making the world brighter in their own way.  Read more »

Meet Bev founder of Celebrate Living History!

Hello my name is Bev Wilkinson and I have been interviewing two very vast generations of entrepreneurs over the past few months. Read more »

Chatting with David Jensz

David Jensz remembers fondly the days when he was the youngest teacher at Frankston High School in the 1960s. With a big smile David recalls Frankston High School as being a very wonderful place to teach chemistry, math and science. Read more »

Flying the flag for Australia at the Generations United Conference in the United States

Founder of Celebrate Living History Bev Wilkinson speaking at the 2017 Global Intergenerational Conference in Milwaukee WI June 13-16 2017. Read more »

Chatting with Georgia Anderson who reunites Frankston High School Students

Georgia Anderson is the mastermind behind the successful organisation of Frankston High School alum in both Victoria and Queensland. Read more »

Adventures of Celebrate Living History interns Kate and Madison

Our fantastic Griffith University interns Kate and Madison worked together to cover the Tweed Heads Bowls Club Commemorative Shield Match in May. Read more »

Grudge Match

By Madison White and Kate Grant

The Tweed Heads Bowls Club is a place where communities of people have been gathering for decades. The club was founded in 1921 and after changing locations numerous times it finally settled in its current location, central to the Tweed area, in 1975. Its bowling facilities are world renowned and beautifully maintained. The club is positioned perfectly for its patrons, meters from the Queensland and New South Wales border, a detail that is always cause for dispute. Read more »

One Flash Moment in History

By Sophie Officer

It is a story that has been told thousands of times, and with just as many conspiracy theories to each telling, but in lieu of the 50th anniversary, I spoke to Lilla Officer on behalf of Celebrate Living History, about her experience when President John F Kennedy was shot, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas.

Lilla, who is an American expat, moved to Australia permanently in 1976 after a brief trip working as an nanny in country Victoria and has witnessed some of the key defining moments in both Australian and American history; though none so significant as the assassination of President Kennedy, on November 22, 1963. Read more »

Generations standing side by side for the ANZAC’S

By Mischeline King

As I stood back and watched the flow of people, young and old make their way to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service, it struck me the perception of this day varies across all age groups and that we all stood there on that frosty morning all with different insights on what this day means, but stood for the same reason.

There were young children no older than five years, draped in the Australian Flag, War Veterans adorned with their medallions and people like me watching on, admiring the diverse range of age groups all there to pay their respects.

Read more »