The Unseen beauty of Fifteen Wives

by Nyakan Manynag Agoth

 Life in The Village

“I am the seventh wife out of my husband’s fifteen wives and I couldn’t be any prouder”- Adual Jang Arok Read more »


By Roo Frankston High School

My senior is my grandmother, but I call her Gogo. She lives in Zimbabwe, Africa. Read more »


By Jye Frankston High School

My senior is my Nona Govina Ripari, she has the biggest heart of gold. If you meet her all she would want to do is hug you and give you five year old chocolate. She has recently gone into hospital for a hip replacement, she is in rehabilitation now. Read more »

We Now Call Australia Home

By Mischeline King

Pat and Malcolm Howe or ‘Nanna and Pop’ as I know them, originate from the old town of Gateshead in England but now call Australia home. They share their story on what it was like as a young couple with a family to move half way around the world.

“In Gateshead we lived in a tight knit community where everyone knew everyone. All the kids in the street went to school together and played together after school or if we were at work. That’s the kind of lifestyle we were used to, but we wanted a change,” they said.

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