Meet Nelson who plays match maker with businesses and marketing agencies

It all started with a goal to chat to entrepreneurs over 60. Then out of curiosity we decided to talk to entrepreneurs under 30. We believe these two very vast generations can learn and grow from each other. 

This week we visit the United Kingdom and chat with Nelson Jordon  who founded Agency Match which pairs small and medium businesses with marketing agencies, including those that offer services like PR, social media, and Search Engine Marketing.  Read more »

From Glasgow to Sydney

By Madison White

The RMS Orion was, and still is, considered by many as one of the more famous British passenger ships. Even its launch was considered an important moment in maritime history for the British, being one of the first of their ships to be launched wirelessly; the Duke of Gloucester was in Australia, where he pressed a button to launch the ship, while the Orion itself was in the UK. Read more »