The Beamish Boys- Inspirational Young People Series

We have been on the quest to interview inspirational young people over the past few months.

Second in our series we feature the Beamish Boys who are a musical duo from Brisbane. 

Ben BeamishStarring 18-year-old Ben who is a first year university student at QUT and his 16-year-old brother Jeremy this duo has performed together at many different functions and charity events. And just recently they have been working with major advertising agencies such as BCM on TV and internet commercials. They have just finished writing the soundtrack for the 2018 Commonwealth Games sizzler reel.

In addition to this, they have worked with up-and-coming Youtubers and internet celebrities of  their  generation – they have written personalized theme-songs for Youtubers like Frenchy, Lewis Spears and Jimi Jackson.

Check out the Beamish Boys Facebook page here
and the Beamish Boys  website –  

We chatted to Ben about the inspiration behind their music.

Tell me what gets you excited?

The future, and the prospect of sharing our music with more and

more people every day! We’re always excited when we begin a

new project, whether its large or small, and are constantly looking

for new and unique ways of sharing our musical enthusiasm with

the world around us.

What inspired you to start the Beamish Boys?

We’ve both been performing and playing music from a very young

age, and as brothers, it was really only a matter of time before we

teamed up and began playing together. This happened a couple of

years ago for a school performance, and we’ve been collaborating

ever since!

Who are your musical influences?

Lorde, Chet Faker, Imagine Dragons, Boyce Avenue and

Pentatonix are definitely up there.

If your band could have a theme song what would it be?

If we were to write a theme song for The Beamish Boys, it would

have to be something upbeat, energetic and of course fun!

Something that tells people we don’t take ourselves too seriously,

but at the same time communicates the passion we have for what

we do.

What are you working on right now and what are you most

excited about in the next three months?

We’re currently working on a couple of original songs, and some

new tracks for advertising agencies. The next 3 months are going

to be really exciting as we’ll be promoting these new songs, whilst

continuing to write for advertising agencies and upload new

content to our Facebook page and website.

Tell me who is an older person over the age of 60 that you

admire and why?

Bob Dylan would definitely be number one, simply because he’s

such an iconic song writer with great charisma. Also Hans Zimmer.

Even though he’s still a few years off 60, he’s still one of the most

admirable and accomplished artists within the film industry, who’s

written some amazing film scores for hollywood cinema.

If you could turn back time, what era would you love to

discover and why?

The roaring 20s. It would be incredible to witness the birth of Jazz

and to be a part of the euphoric thrill that’s become iconic to those

golden years.

Name three websites you would recommend to our readers. – This is a charity that we got

involved in this year and wrote a song for the cause. – The 2018 commonwealth games site…

again, it was great to write the music for this one, and mix with

some of the inspirational people behind the cause. – an organisation which

aims to connect communities and promote peace through the

power of music.

Name three accounts we should follow on Twitter.

If we had a twitter account we would probably encourage you to all

check out that! But we’re don’t, and because we’re not really a part

of the twitter sphere we wouldn’t have a clue where to begin with