Tina and Ann Traralgon Red Cross

Our founder Bev Wilkinson is on a quest to seek wisdom from elders in regional Victoria. First off the bucket list is Traralgon, which is the largest city in the Latrobe Valley Victoria Austalia. 

Tina and Ann are volunteers at the Red Cross Opportunity Store in Traralgon. 

I was greeted with laughter as I approached the back room of the store, the noise sounded like a party I wanted to join. In amongst organizing donations these two vibrant ladies look up and ask how can we help you? I replied I’m looking for advice from the elder generations; can one or both of you ladies help me?

Tina and Ann Red Cross Traralgon

Tina and Ann Red Cross Traralgon

An unusual request but they were both up to sharing their wisdom.

They both enjoy working at the Red Cross and see this as an opportunity to have fun; Ann says you have to have fun that is what life is there for.

Ann says when she grew up life was at a different place. The problem today is there is too much money, her first pay packet was $16.50 and that used to go a long way.

She always paid board and did not know what was pocket money. She always had jobs at home and the main expectation was that she be responsible, to be seen but not heard.

They both agreed that hand me downs was very popular and it was usual that somebody’s mother would know how to sew. It was usual to wear a nice dress designed by a talented mother.

Tina says today is more of a throw away society and that clothes have gone down in price, it is much more easier to buy than to sew your own clothes.

Ann says when she was growing up you got your drivers license at 18 but you could not go to the pub until you were 21.

You could get conscripted into the army at 20. Life was very different back then, you had so many different expectations.