I see you

By Bev Wilkinson

I was chatting to a senior and she told me there comes a time in your life that you become invisible.

Suddenly your not there and people don’t see you, maybe because the blinkers have been taken off my eyes but I asked how? But I can see you?

She told me sometimes she could be physically there but ignored, people don’t think she is anyone special just a little old lady.

Then pointed at me and said one day it could be you.

I thought this was really sad, this was a lady that had achieved so much she had taught and helped pave the way for generations to succeed in life.

IMG_0002 IMG_0001_NEW This article is dedicated to my Grandmas who lived, loved and dreamed.

This was a lady who had a wicked sense of humor and so much still to share.

I am glad that I had the ability to get to know her and see beyond the old lady mask.

Sometimes we forget the oldies lived a life where they were young, they loved, they taught, they travelled and most of all they gained knowledge, which should be shared.

Maybe my dream is big but I want to make every senior feel like a star and make younger generations see.

Just like I have.